To Live Each Day in Springtime

The new morning routine I have established has done my heart well. When I miss these special sequences in my day, I am quite aware because I seem to take everything to heart. But then, I would remember that I was rushed earlier and just could not find the time to follow through with what has become welcoming and soothing to me.

My eyes usually open at 4:00 am. I rise to brush my teeth, put a soothing mask on my face, get back into bed, and offer myself skin light therapy. I then listen to beautiful music, for about 30 minutes or so. Surprisingly, when I started this practice, I felt sure I would fall back to sleep. But it’s such a rewarding time. I look forward to every tune, every sound of the birds, the clean scent of my sheets. And I romanticize about so much :-). 

Upon completion, I wash my face and begin early morning Bible study and devotions. After this, I am outside watering the plants, while I listen to worship music, as I dance intensely to some of the beautiful sounds (great exercise! BTW). At the conclusion of all this, I shower, and I am energized and ready to face the day. 

The colors God provide are so full of joyous remembrance, remarkable hope, and fulfilling mercy. How gracious He is in keeping His promise to you, and to me. It grieves my heart to know that so many people have walked away or want no part of His glory. I think quietly to myself and whisper ‘How foolish?’ I used to frequently think ‘How foolish?’, and unfortunately still occasionally whisper this question. Sigh… I also sometimes assume that it’s not my business. But it is! Because Jesus compels those who follow Him to go out to the nations to baptize and to teach about obedience concerning His teachings (Matt. 28 vv. 16-20)!

Let’s reflect now on the parable of the two houses (Matthew 7 vv. 21-28). One may ask ‘why did Charlotte choose this one to discuss here?’ Well, although I may not have enough time to explain it all, I’ll do my best. In this parable, we can clearly note that Jesus recognizes and testifies of His own Deity. In Matthew 7 v. 21 and in John 13 v. 13, Jesus called Himself “Lord, Lord”. Of this title, coming from our Savior Himself, He is politely demanding obedience from those who follow Him. Holding an occupation without ownership may cause anyone to stumble with uncertainty. If we avow we’ll follow Him, we must be certain and stand firm. Jesus demanded that the people knew who He was, to offer confidence that we’ll be recognized both in our earthly stay and at His second coming. Second Timothy tells us that Jesus knows His own (2 v. 19). He even calls us wise if we hear Him and listen to Him.

“Everyone who then hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built His house on the rock.” (Matt. 7 v. 24).

Okay, so is Jesus saying that we must find a huge rock to build our homes on? In Colorado that’s indeed possible. Yet, when we go a bit deeper, we discover that Jesus speaks more about obedience. The wise man who built his house on the rock, built on the context of true Christian discipleship. Those who are disobedient build on sand. They build differently. We build on Christ’s Deity, our ‘Lord, Lord’. Peter himself stated that Upon the Rock (Jesus’ Deity) he will build His church (Matt. 16 v. 13; Deuteronomy 32; Psalm 18 v. 2; 46; 1 Cor, 3 v. 10; 11; Psalm 46 v. 1; 2).

I’ve provided several supporting verses above; however, the one most profound to me is Psalm 18 v. 2, which proclaims the importance of having no fear when the storms arrive.

“The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.” (Psalm 18 v. 2)

Jesus’ words did not show concern about the care the two builders took to create their homes. He was/is concerned about the foundations they/we set. As such, the foundation we must take in building our lives embedded and placed on the Lord Himself. Just as the cornerstone of which was laid in Zion (Isaiah 28:16).

Gosh! I really didn’t intend on having a second reflection on this topic. Yet, I am compelled to add more to it. Perhaps, I’ll have something written and published soon. I want to expand on the sand, the builders, and the testing elements. Luke 6 v. 8 shares the importance of digging deeper to lay foundation on a rock. In going deeper, I’ve also come to realize that the expression, “How foolish?” may not be so bad after all ;-).

One the topic of the sand, Charles H. Ellicott said this:

“The sand represents the shifting, uncertain feelings, which are with some men (the ‘foolish’ ones of the parable) the only ground on which they act—-love of praise, respect for custom, and the like.”

The evening is cooling down. I open my bedroom window and prepare to rest. The rainstorms are moving in. As I close for now, I must share a bit about the title I chose for this reflection. I do know for me to live each day like springtime, I should always allocate time to learn more about God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. 

Each year in the spring season, new growth occurs. Babies are born to all  the little animals in my neighborhood. Just the other day, I saw a baby kit (bunny) that could possibly sit comfortably in my hand. I see tiny birds and squirrels too. Everything grows in springtime to bloom brightly in summer. In deep study we bloom too, simply by growing and knowing God’s Word as it should be.

I’ll be back here soon.

Growing together, inside, and out!




Ellicott, C.H. (1951). Commentary on the whole Bible. Zondervan Publishing

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the ESV® Bible (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version®), copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserve.



  1. Your idea of Spring all the time is very appealing, Char. I can’t smell after having Covid, but I smell the flowers as though I can. Flowers occur in every situation of my life, and the keys are seeking and awareness. The scriptures you quote are the practices for having awareness. Thanks, Char!

    • Hi Susan,

      Thanks so much for reading this reflection today.

      The spring season comes with its own set of challenges. But it’s truly a time for new growth.


  2. This is causing me to sing. The Wise Man built his house upon the Rock!! Standing Firm because of Him. Nothing will be able to move us if we continue to stand Firm in Jesus. Thank you so much my Beautiful Niece.

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