Although I try to use natural substances in my home at all possible, there are times I must resort to other ingredients.

Here are some I occasionally use:

-What is a combination solvent?

A combination solvent is an all-purpose stain remover.

-Mineral spirits is what it says it is

What is a digestant?

A digestant is a solution, which includes enzymes that gobble up protein. However, may not be safe on natural fibers such as silk or wool.

What are oil solvents?

-Oil solvents may include dry-cleaning formulas. Use in well ventilated room and use only on dry fabric items.

What are absorbents?

-Absorbents are basic items such as cornstarch or baking soda. Some may also use talcum powder. However, I do not use talc-um powder anywhere in my home.

What is denatured alcohol?

It is alcohol, which helps to cut stains and one, which evaporates without leaving any scum.