To pick up small pieces of broken glass, wearing gloves, pat the glass with a dampened large cotton ball

I like to wax my wooden floors by hand at least 3-4 times a year. To do this I usually use a dampened microfiber dusting cloth. This dampened cloth will not pick up any of the wax on the floor. This cuts down waste and offers a more thorough cleaning/waxing.

To brighten a rug, just sprinkle a little salt before vacuuming. Sweep out excess salt if there is any left in the rug.

Clean candles with a cloth dampened with alcohol.

My grandmother painted her metal salt and pepper shakers with clear polish to prevent them from rusting. She made sure to open the holes with a toothpick before they dried.

Dirty stain in oven? Carefully place a shallow bowl of ammonia in the oven overnight, this will make for an easier clean up the next day.

Cut a few pieces of sandpaper to sharpen scissors or garden shears.

To remove paint smell in a room, cut a large onion into small pieces and put in a pan of water, then leave overnight.

Epsom salts mixed thoroughly in water is a good way to remove powdery mildew from household plants. Place in spray bottle and spray plants as needed.

Source: Bell’s Best and my grandmother.