TO STORE LEFT OVER EGG YOLKS, cover with a little bit of water before refrigerating.

WHEN BEATING EGG WHITE: 1 Tablespoon of cold water will make it fluffier.

SEALING EGGS THAT CRACK while boiling., add 1 Tablespoon of vinegar or salt to help seal the crack.

HARD BOILED EGGS: if cold, place in a little warm water for about a minute before placing in boiling water. Cook eggs just about 10-12 minutes in a calm boil. When finished, put in cold water.

POACH LEFTOVER EGG WHITES & YOLKS, drain and cool, then sieve and grate to add into salads and sandwiches.

IN MAKING CUSTARDS WITH ONLY EGG YOLKS, substitute 2 yolks for 1 egg.

SAVE LEFTOVER PIECES OF CHEESE and place in jar of wine until there is enough to serve as an appetizer.

WRAP CHEESE IN A RAG dampened with vinegar to prevent mold. Also, a lump of sugar placed in cheese wrapper prevents mold.


GRATE ORGANIC LEMONS AND ORANGES before cutting. I freeze these to use in desserts or juices.

PLACE LEMONS AND ORANGES IN HOT WATER before squeezing. This gives more juice. Some people microwave these fruits before using. I do not do this, because I prefer a more holistic method.

TO KEEP LIMES FRESH: Place in a closed glass jar and refrigerate.

TO SOAK CANDIED FRUIT soak overnight in fruit juice.

TO EASILY PEEL COCONUT (My mom did this almost every week while growing up in Belize). Make two holes in coconut, drain water/milk. Place in oven and bake until hot to touch. Remove, and carefully tap all over, especially the two ends. I use a small hammer for this. Give coconut a hard knock and shell will split open. Lift off shell and peel off brown skin from white meat. Cool down before, hand grating. You can also grate in food processor by adding small pieces each time. You can add a little bit of milk in the food to help the process along. For My Mom’s Belizean Coconut Pie, I add a little milk to the grated coconut for a good pie. Save any strained milk for drinking or baking. This milk can also be frozen up to three months.

A VERY SIMPLE WAY TO FLAME FRUIT FOR GARNISH OR DESSERTS place sugar cube, moistened with orange extract and light at serving.

Source: Bell’s Best and my own experiences of trial and errors