“Perfect humility dispenses with modesty.” C.S. Lewis

To live a modest life is far more than the clothing I wear, it is a culmination of common everyday behaviors. I am not one for consumerism, nor do I even try to keep up with my neighbors or people I know. My life is content and follow general guidelines to spend and use less, to simply have the time to be more of who God intends me to be.

Living modestly to me means I use less water and electricity than I need. I do not run water incessantly and I try not to use more electricity than is necessary. As far as food consumption, I do not cook food, which cannot be consumed within one day of preparation. So much food in the United States gets thrown out when more is prepared than is needed. One of the other reasons I cook exactly what I can eat in 24 hours, is because the longer food sits after it has been cooked, the more its nutrients break down. When food is frozen, it may maintain nutrients a bit better. 

Food should nourish the body.

I have canned my garden and farm vegetables for over 30 years now. I grow what I enjoy in the summertime and eat from the larder in the winter and spring. Some items I grow are also used in my skin care regimens. This is done by drying some of the herbs I grow. I dry them over the autumn months.

In my daily work, I have found that I must dress the part society dictates. When I am home, I prefer softer clothing like those of the past. For church, work, and other outdoor activities, I invest in shoes that are modest and classic. In my choices, my shoes should lasT m for at least eight or more years. I have found that this investment upfront is always worth it. Shoes should be comfortable and well made to always protect the feet God gave us.

My choice of clothing is likewise modest and classic. For my work, I may purchase a sweater online or find one at the local thrift store. A Common practice when thrift shopping is to immediately clean the items I have purchased. Clothing I cannot wash in the machine or by hand, go to the dry cleaners immediately even before I return home. 

There are many things I do daily to live and gently appreciate all that God gives to me. A modest life is not one of poverty. It is richer and more fulfilling than one lived through buying every new gadget or seasonal style of clothing. Society should never dictate what is normal, because based on current research studies, most in society these days simply have chosen a life without God. Consumer spending and debt is never of God. Yes, He wants us to enjoy life and what he gives to us, but I don’t believe He’s about overindulgence.

So, here in this space, I share little tidbits of my modest everyday life.