“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Psalm 119:105

“It’s exciting to see things coming up again, plants that you’ve had twenty or thirty years. It’s like seeing an old friend.” ― Tasha Tudor

The first day of spring this year was one of supreme beauty in my parts. The sun shone brightly, and the air was fresh and promising. I chose the early morning on this day to change winter beddings to beautiful floral patterns. At the onset, this always seems like a monumental task, but I often breeze through it with preparation and a bit of patience. 

Sheets and blankets lay waiting for freshly ironed pillowcases. And books depicting floral patterns and designs were placed on each nightstand. I rolled beeswax candles in the afternoon and reviewed my calendar for this week. Then I took a short nap, made a cup of earl gray tea, and watched two sermons before opening one of the sweetest books I have. The beginning of this new season of growth filled my heart with much joy.

The simplest of joy are the moments requiring nothing except or perhaps a little bit of muscle movement to ensure my idea of keeping home is as beautiful and unsophisticated as the moments I experienced as a child. In my home country’s standards, the living conditions of my family were above the average household. However, as a family, we still encountered some of the same problems of every community member. These conditions included limited access to clean water, safe infrastructure, and reliable electricity. Yet, we made our way.

The way forward was displayed in solid family units, access to an excellent education, fresh fruits, vegetables, travel experiences, and more. Our lives were lived in thankfulness and never regret. We honored and worshipped God! We thanked Him every day for all the good He gave us. I thank Him each day for what He continues to provide to me. The lessons are numerous as I view everything around me and consistently make my own path in the world.

My path is one I follow, not dependent on the memes of the world I inhabit. I am almost sure that the gentleness of God, which He instills in me, is enough. Likewise, it is challenging to profess a Christian walk when honor is not at the forefront of daily decisions and interactions. Speaking of Christ, while throwing shade at those I don’t really know is not living out Christ. My note here stems from what I see. I see much and share little. For, instead, I write. And I focus on God’s truth.

I also find it sometimes difficult to take those who profess the importance of walking with Christ seriously. This difficulty resides in the fact that there is not always consistency. I understand that we all sin; I know that I do! Believe me, I repent every day. But there must come a time in life to simply just be kind. I strive so much to just be kind. To be nothing else with no motivations or agenda. I earnestly try to live out God’s instructions as often as I am able. I use the word try here, because I honestly believe when I try, though not always perfect, it’s always a step in the right direction. It’s a stroll toward, done! When I reached done—done with the craziness, societal expectations, competition, comparisons…kindness appeared. Kindness was finally given room to flourish in my life, in the life of those I care for, and in the lives of people I don’t personally know.

The quote I chose for this reflection touches on the idea of “coming up.” Although Tasha Tudor speaks of plants, I think that with personal growth, the ills we hold on to, be them strife, insecurities, uneasiness, social anxieties, competition, comparisons, etc., should be provided opportunities to ‘come up’. They must be given opportunities to breathe outside of us, for us to breathe much softer. Opportunities to let go of us! Perhaps then we can notice the sunsets and sunrises more often. To stop being reliant on the thoughts and acceptance of humanity’s compass. To finally get that we are accepted by God. A truly wonderful place to be.

God’s words should indeed be the lamp that guides us. His revelation offers us the understanding to lead us His servants. Following His words will never fail us in times of darkness. This has always been His sweet promise—a promise made to us on this Spring Day and in the many seasons before us. 

Happiest of Spring to you!