Representation of a Good and Content Life! The New Addition to the Household:-)

Last week, a text I sent to my dear friend displayed great happiness since all court cases in my jury term were canceled. From the end of December, I was given the task of calling the United States Jury Court of Colorado every Friday afternoon after 3:30 pm to know if my attendance was required for the following week. I shared this with my mom, and she reminded me that I wouldn’t have to be concerned with this anymore when I am her age. Her usual truths can be great keepsakes.

My mother’s statement brought my mind to life in general. Primarily my thoughts were on how I intend to live this life until the time comes when I can make plans without being concerned about the promise I made when I took the oath during my United States (US) Citizenship Ceremony 😊. This promise to serve appointed jury terms whenever an official letter is received in the mail. I do want to make contributions whenever possible. But man! I’ll leave this right here for now.

So, this life I speak of, I know, really should be one of wholeness marked with my family, neighbors, friends, those I silently love or who allow me to love with no conditions other than to love and show love, as God intended it to be. I also want this wholesome life to shower acquaintances, the people I work with, those I craft with, the animals I share this earth with, and in the care of the earth, we all have been given by God. As someone who adheres to Centrist beliefs, when the time comes of my mom’s age group, I want to be sure I can share with my grandchildren about a life lived well. A life of fairness and consideration. One without consistent competition and where I am supportive, gentle, and kind. One where I see the heart and beauty in others. One where others are not expected to produce upon my personal leadings. One where people can just be themselves.

In a most recent reflection, I spoke of the cumbersome designs of the world we all inhabit. We see these in politics, crime, injustices, abuse of all kinds, corruption, greed, untruths, and unfortunately, in even more of what has become familiar examples. 

But what if we consistently select different paths—say, our desire to continuously learn, understand, and love. What if we decide not to adhere to all the world’s misalignments? The ones simply not in alliance with God’s original desires?

Last week I touched briefly on the Bible and the case for understanding its entire meaning. The paths, twists, and turns that lead us to Jesus Christ.

Acts 13:32-33 tells us this:

And we bring you the good news that what God promised to the fathers, this he has fulfilled to us their children by raising Jesus, as also it is written in the second Psalm. (ESV).

The Old Testament period identifies three kingdom disclosures—Eden, historical points of Israel, and the prophetic kingdom age. For the sake of time, today, I briefly focus on Eden. God created the Garden of Eden, His primary intention for His earth. A place of peace and tranquility, where every person could experience an ultimate relationship with Him, Our Father. In Eden, He provided rules specific to Adam to reign over all things (Genesis 1:26). Yet, in Adam’s and Eve’s case, they both allowed a creature to reign over them! This same creature dared to ask them, “Did God really say you must not eat from any tree from the garden?” (Genesis 3:1). And therefore, in behaviors of defiance and doubt, Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the forbidden fruit. And at this point, all chaos broke loose! Biological cells of sin took hold and continue to hold on to us today!

Friends, this wholeness I speak of above, can only be created and adhered to by choice. It must be our consistent desire to live the original meaning of Eden in our hearts to be equipped to deliver the real meaning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This Gospel, which despite our craziness and disobedience, for our redemption, God still provided (provides) to us through His son Jesus Christ. Christ acquitted us from all our constant wrongdoing, disrespect, and what I call our misconstrued sovereignty of self. Reader, in every chore I take on, in this life I do, God must be with me, to guide me and keep me from rushed harm—physically, spiritually, and emotionally. So, even in this life, where at times there appear semblances of utter independence, God must always be in it with me too.

Allowing God to work for us and in us leads to a more fulfilling life, which I believe is desired by most people who share this earth with us. But we must always pray for the people who inflict harm. When we pray for this group, our hearts come to a greater understanding that we’ve done our part and God will always do the rest. As they, we must repent for all the wrong we inflict on ourselves and into the lives of others. Restoration of proper alignment with Jesus Christ must always be our earthly aspiration. The wholesome life I create somewhat seems to help me move a wee bit closer to this objective. On the days I slip up, my prayer is usually, “Dear God, I promise you I’ll try harder. Thank you for loving me.”

A wholesome life in my case also requires more time of study and deep care for others. For this reason, starting in February 2022, I plan to write bi-monthly reflections until further notice. I have so many good things on my plate right now, it’s imperative I make and take the time for them. I am excited, though, by all the supreme words of God I have garnered through the study of His instructions, and in intentional community with others! I am very eager to share some of these with you soon. If it’s God’s will, I’ll be back here in the second week of February.

We grow in God’s love, together.

With love,