In the past week, I have been preparing for one of the most important presentations of my life. On Monday of this week, I presented, and for the last day and a half, I’ve been gently celebrating the completion of my doctoral studies. I am elated and thankful to God. Unexpectedly was the support from my committee to now prepare to submit my research to numerous publication journals. Emails I received yesterday were those of eagerness to move forward with publication. But honestly, I did not realize how exhausted I have been the last few years. So I’ll have to revisit areas of publication journals next week. 

This short note today represents one part of the celebration, as I share this significant moment of my life with you. There has been no announcement on social media…no bells and whistles. Instead, just quiet sharing with family, friends, members of my team, and this note right here and another one on my professional site.

So, now I continue to take care of myself by eating healthy meals, stretching out this fatigue, and drinking my most favorite created recipe of Chocolate Oolong with grated nutmeg.  

I remain thankful to God my father for leading me here.

I promise to return next week with something offering a bit more words.

Have a great week!